Weight Loss


There is far more to effective weight loss than cutting down on food. In fact, this approach can actually lead to weight gain. Long term weight loss relies on a sensible combination of healthy nutrition and hydration, plus an exercise programme based on your current weight and level of fitness. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix so we take the long term view, with the emphasis on a dietary programme you can follow and enjoy – not just for a few weeks or months but for the rest of your life.

One of our most important tools in planning your programme is the food diary which I ask you to keep on a daily basis so we can understand your eating patterns and how they affect your weight loss. We can then make changes as necessary.

As you start to lose weight and become more physically active, I monitor your progress not only with a regular weigh in, but also by taking your measurements every week. You’ll find that your changing shape is far more significant than what it says on the scales. We then make gradual adjustments as your body composition and metabolism change – so you continue to get the very best out of your programme.

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