Ross Thompson

Motivation: Fitness, Core Strength, Muscle build, Nutrition advice

I started training with Brian 5 months ago. Before I found it difficult to motivate myself to go to the gym. Brian is very good at motivating you to reach your goals, both during the sessions and between. I even look forward to going to the gym on my own between sessions to work on routines that Brian has given me. I always feel like I’ve worked hard after a session and he keeps changing routines, weights and exercises as I get stronger and fitter so that I never feel bored. With Brian’s advice I’m eating better than I ever have. He is a great motivator, and generally an all round nice guy. Since training with him I feel healthier, fitter and stronger and my body is changing for the better. I would recommend him as a personal trainer to anybody.

Keywords: Muscle Build, Nutritional Advice, Personal Trainer, Tone, Core Strength