As a personal trainer with a diploma in functional performance, I use biomechanical principles to strengthen core muscles and help you move more easily. I work on the 3 planes of motion; front to back, side to side and transverse. This gives greater muscle range with less stress in any one direction.

Injury Rehabilitation

Many people find that even though an injury itself may have been cured, they are still not fit enough to continue training – or living day-to-day life – as they did before. I work with clients to increase fitness and improve their all-round ability, with particular emphasis on restoring the injured part to normality and achieving optimum performance.

Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation is all about returning the injured person to peak fitness and preventing further injury. Personal training sessions include postural and biomechanical assessments to check and correct the body’s alignment and quality of movement.

Tool Assisted Massage

I also offer tool-assisted massage with fascia manipulation. This may well be unfamiliar and I’m very happy to explain or demonstrate it further if you give me a call. Basically, it is a technique which helps to release tight muscles, relieve pain and make your body perform better.

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