What you should look for in a personal trainer

When a person is thinking about getting a personal trainer, there are certain things you should look out for:

  1. Case studies: Can they provide you with before and after pictures of their clients? Any personal trainer worth his salt will always make sure he records his clients progress, otherwise how will you know if you’re getting results!
  2. Diet plans: A good personal trainer should provide you with a personal nutrition plan and consultation, and not just tell you at the start of the session what foods you should eat, this ensures the client does not make bad food choices.
  3. Training program: When you start with a personal trainer, they should provide you with a workout program to do on your own, as this makes sure a client will get optimum results for fat loss or muscle build plus they have a structure to follow when they are training on there own.
  4. Communication: A good personal trainer should be communicating with you between sessions, an email, a text or call to keep the client focused,  this is vital part of making sure the client is keeping to their eating and training program.
  5. Weighing and Measuring: It is important that a trainer should be weighing the client and taking body measurements every week, this keeps the client motivated when they can see the progress they are making.

Ask yourself, if you currently have a personal trainer, Are they doing all of the above?