Jay Ahmed

Motivation: Fitness, Core Strength, Muscle build, Nutrition advice

After many years of neglect to my body, I decided to join the gym. I’d been a member for a year but saw no significant changes.

I searched on the internet for personal trainers in Birmingham and found BV Fitness. When I called, Brian spent time explaining how the procedure worked and invited me for a consultation which was free of charge.

During the consultation, Brian and I discussed my current lifestyle and the goals I wanted to achieve. We then had a 15 minute taster session of what I should expect and from the off I was doing exercises that I didn’t even know existed. I sweated more in this 15 minutes than I did in an hours workout at my gym. It was at this point I knew this guy would get the job done.

I decided to opt for an initial 10 sessions. On the first session Brian noted down my weight and measurements and also took a photograph. Over the course of the sessions Brian did one important thing, EDUCATE ME. Brian noted my diet and explained straight away what foods I should be cutting out.

Brian would increase the intensity of exercises and became more strict in my form as well as food as the sessions progressed. After a month of training with Brian, I was feeling fitter, stronger, healthier. It was at this point Brian sat down with me and went through my diet again. No more room for cheating, we concentrated on eating 5 small meals a day. This was quite difficult at first, but over time I got used to my new regime. This is where the education from Brian was vital.

After the end of second month, Brian took another photograph. I was SHOCKED. My belly was in, double chin gone and generally looked quite good. This was great motivation to stay on track. Brian stepped up the exercises increasing the weights to ensure I was getting stronger as well as taking me out running, something I’ve never done in my life.

At the end of the third month, I couldn’t be any more pleased. I look and feel great. I’m close to getting a six pack and none of this would have been possible without Brian. If anyone thinks personal training is expensive or doesn’t work then TRUST ME, think again. I now have the knowledge of knowing when to eat what, when to train and how. Now it’s just a case of maintaining this.

Keywords: Muscle Build, Nutritional Advice, Personal Trainer, Tone, Core Strength