About Me

Who am I?

I am a qualified personal trainer in Sutton Coldfield with a passion for health and fitness – mine and my clients’. I work in a private training studio used solely for personal fitness, giving my clients an exclusive place to train. Based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, the gym is convenient for all of North and East Birmingham as well as Staffordshire.

We don’t have rows of machines with people working out like robots, all on the same regime. I’ll work one-to-one with you, and I’ll quickly find your level of fitness, your current diet and what you want to achieve. Only then can you and I start work on your own tailor-made personal training programme.

Having worked as a personal trainer within a national health & fitness chain, I felt that members weren’t always getting the best deal. Now that I’m running my own business, I know I can give clients a more personalised level of service and better results.


Certified Personal Trainer Level 3

  • Faster Training Expert – Faster Health and Fitness
  • Diploma in Functional Performance – Faster Health and Fitness
  • Advanced Nutrition – Faster Health and Fitness

What I do

A personal trainer isn’t just for the rich and famous. In fact, with guaranteed results and agreed time frames, I really believe this is a more cost-effective way of achieving your goals than dragging yourself off to the gym week after week.

I offer a personal, individual and affordable solution to your health and fitness issues, whatever they may be. Sessions generally last from 45 minutes to an hour and no two are ever the same. And because no fitness programme is ever complete without considering diet and lifestyle, I factor these into the equation and offer guidance and support between sessions.

Why Me?

There are hundreds of personal trainers out there. So why choose me?

  • I’m a highly skilled personal trainer – with an emphasis on the personal – and I get results.
  • I work with every client on an individual basis. Every training programme is tailor made and I choose the tools I know will work for you.
  • I’ll never stick you on a treadmill and leave you to get on with it. Whatever you’re doing, I’m working right alongside you every step of the way (and every puff, pant and grunt).
  • I believe in making training sessions fun – after all, I want you to come back. If you haven’t trained this way before, it can sound daunting but believe me, it really isn’t.
  • I offer text help between sessions to keep you motivated – perfect when you need a quick boost or advice on making the right food choices.

Want to ask about any of the things that I do? Call me for more information on the number at the top of this page.

Who could benefit?

  • Anyone who’d like to shift a few pounds
  • Brides wanting to look fit and fabulous for their photographs
  • Grooms wanting to look their best for the big day
  • People training for specific events
  • Anyone who wants to build muscle
  • After injury or an enforced period of inactivity
  • People who want to regain movement and flexibility
  • People who want to be free of pain

You could even buy a personal training session or series of sessions as a gift. It’s far more thoughtful than a box of chocolates.

For more information 07515 651 299